12 States in 12 Months-I Did That?

10425023_10203157697730112_130806735422821579_nLast March I made a commitment to visit 12 different states in 12 months, “Yes I did That.” Well, that wasn’t something I had planned or was even on my bucket list, but it was something I decided to do to relieve some of the stress in my life.  You see, about 2 years before that, I started a FB group, Healthy Lifestyle Changes…Eating Better-Moving More-Stressing Less.  This group was created to engage women to share tips and stories on how to create and live healthier lives.  I decided to share my personal journey with our community, to hold myself accountable and to allow the women that were having a hard time getting the weight off or keeping it off, see me tackle the battle and never give up.  I wanted to inspire and motivate them to keep at it even if they fell of course again and again.  We shared exercise tips, recipes and different ways to eliminate stress out of our lives.  When I started this group, I thought it was to help other women who were struggling to get off those pounds and regain their energy to live the life which they were meant to live.  But, boy! I didn’t realize what the group was going to do for me until, my grandmother passed away last March.

I decided to challenge myself on the Stress Less aspect of the group, I felt the need to do something drastic and something out of my comfort zone.  With my creative thoughts going to work, I began to wonder how it would feel to visit places all by myself for about a year.  Just me, myself and I.  No friends, no kids and no man, just me and my world of possibilities.  My visits could be a day trip, an over-nighter or even an exciting weekend getaway.  I would have the opportunity to meet new people, dine at different restaurants and just have some good ole fun.  I was committed and ready for the challenge. But, would this out of the blue idea turn out to be more than I had planned?

Low and behold, yes, my challenge turned into a therapeutic journey that allowed me to discover more of what I truly wanted out of life and how I would aim to get it. As I traveled to and from the different states I began to gain clarity on how I would create the ideal life I am meant to live.  Each state offered history, friendships and excitement.  I was even blessed to have left my book Wrapped-N-Pink in the hands of some awesome people within each state as they supported my writings and our WrappednPink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization.  Design your own 12 month challenge and then commit to it, you may be amazingly surprised of what is revealed.  What was revealed to me was my persistence, determination, motivation, inspiration and the ability to persevere even through my times of heart ache and pain of losing a loved one.

I feel blessed to have visited these 12 Beautiful States ( District of Columbia.) Here are the states and some highlights.
April——--Washington DC, I met Rosetta Thurman of The HBW Community, stayed at the Helix & visited the Congressional Black Caucus

May———Boston Massachusetts, I road the Acela Train 1st Class for a day trip, had delicious meals on train, met some really nice folks.

June———Atlanta Georgia, I went to a women’s conference, met some new sister friends, great food and a long train ride back to Jersey.

July———-Wilmington Delaware, I took a ride on the train for a day trip, there was a Reggae Festival going on, had lunch on the harbor.

August—–Chicago Illinois, Another nice long ride on the train, had fun with the corner drummers, watched live outdoor dance theater

September-Virginia Beach Virginia, I enjoyed the beautiful beach, did a little shopping, dinner at a great restaurant, photo and video shoot.

October——Manhattan New York, This was a nice day getaway, enjoyed dinning at a nice Chinese rest., shopping and conversing on train.

November—-Orlando Florida, A nice ride on the Auto Train, met some very interesting folk, a little shopping, nice dining.

December–Connecticut Foxwoods Resort, Enjoyed fine dining, comedy club, Bingo and some good relaxation.

January——Atlantic City New Jersey, After I did a little shopping and had a bite to eat, the rest of the day was reflecting on the beach.

February—-Providence Rhode Island, I was amazed of the beauty of this state, snow was everywhere, but I enjoyed a day trip and dinner.

March——-Philadelphia Pennsylvania, My last state did not disappoint me, a nice Mexican dinner, Hot Stone Massage and sightseeing.

Yes 12 states in 12 months…What challenge will you propose to yourself and will it take you out of your comfort zone?  If I can do it so can you!


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