Are You Your Best Kept Secret?

Have you ever felt as though you wanted to shout out to the world that one fabulous thing about yourself that no one else knew about? Is there a burning desire within your heart and soul, just bursting to ignite and be set free? Do you get goose bumps running down your back when you think about that one thing that makes your soul sing beautiful melodic tunes?  Maybe it’s singing, dancing, drawing, photography, speaking, writing, building a business, traveling the world, politics, teaching, volunteering for a cause,scuba diving, sky diving, modeling, ministering or maybe starting a beautiful family.  Does this resonate with you? Is there a chance that you may have a desire, a talent or special gift about yourself that you have kept secret for way to long because of fear or self doubt? Do you feel that maybe you are your little kept secret?

I believe there are many people that have that burning desire to accomplish something in life which they are very good at but are keeping it locked up inside for many different reasons.  Some people work toward that desire over time until it is ignited and set free to the world. I believe that I have been doing just that and my time has come to step out on faith and embrace my desire. It is my time to pull out my little kept secret and share it with the world.  For most of my life, I have been a dreamer in this world of opportunities.  Now, my dream has always been to own my own business and that was never a secret to anyone.  As a 6year old I knew that I wanted to be a businesswoman.  In my younger years, I learned my first lessons of sales as a Brownie and Girl Scout and I during holiday seasons I would have my little sisters, brothers and cousins audition for my Oscar winning plays.  I would set up a theater like setting and charge the parents to come and watch them perform.  Later as a young teen I would have my younger family members audition for my singing and dance groups that I put together.  I promised them that one day we would all be guests on the American Band Stand or Soul Train. Now that was just too funny.

As a young adult, I attempted many multilevel marketing businesses in search of the business owner that I wanted to be, but to no avail, my search left me unsatisfied and at times disappointed. Although, I was good in many of those side hustles, I was a master at none. But, I knew deep down inside there was this thing that made me feel great when I did it, I enjoyed it and it brought much gratification to my being. That thing was and is my ability to empower, inspire, motivate and engage others to excel in business. So you see, my little kept secret was not to own my own business, it was to utilize the gifts, talents and skills to own my own business. For over 23 years I have been great in sales and leadership for someone’s else business, but had kept those same talents, secret to my own needs. It wasn’t because of the fear of failure, but it was more of the fear of success.  I recognized my gifts, but the thought of reaching a higher level of success in my dreams were at times sabotaged because of my little kept secret, the realization of my self value and self worth.  Today, I am unwrapping that secret and will share it with the world in my amazing new business.

You don’t have to be your little kept secret any more, here are 3 things that can help you unwrap your little kept secret:

1) Dare to dream-if you feel a burning desire to follow and capture your dreams “Do It!”

2) Understand your self value and self worth-sometimes we go through life giving ourselves to others and loose focus on the value we bring to the table.

3) Tomorrow is promised to no one, so learn to live life while you live.






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