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Looking At The Woman In The Mirror…even if it’s in the comfort of my SUV.

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11078074_10204048778366571_2695199078652093815_n As I sat in my SUV looking into my rear view Mirror, I thought about a conversation with my accountability HBW Master Mind sisters Jamie and Odette, a few nights before.  My sisters and I are powerful and passionate in what we do and we believe in the power of supporting one another to make great things happen. Jamie Bennett is the CEO and Founder of Assistance For Hire, Odette Flemming is CEO and Founder of Kitabu Circle and I am the CEO of Empower2Produce and Founder of the Wrapped-N-Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization.We had engaged in conversation about building our businesses and what our next best move would be in taking our businesses to the next level. Now during these calls we pretty much call it like it is, there is no time for beating around the bush or sugarcoating anything.

I absolutely love these calls. We provoke thought, inspire, encourage, support and motivate one another, but what I like most is that we also give tough love, step on toes(figuratively speaking)  and we keep one another in check on building our businesses.

It was during this call and one other previous conversation with my sisters that I admittedly expressed being somewhat uncomfortable with my role in my two businesses, one which is my foundation which is close and dear to my heart (breast cancer awareness) and the other which is built upon 25 plus years of work experience, education, skills and and the love of my profession (sales and training.)  Well, this is where some tough love kicked in from my sisters.  I was starting to doubt my WHY‘s, WHY I started these businesses, WHY I have the gifts to do what I do, WHY I have value in my offer and WHY I have taken the Quantum Leap to arrive and participate in a world of great possibilities and opportunities.

It didn’t take long during our conversation before one of my sisters said to me”you need to take a look in the Mirror and see you as others see you.”  What I realized during that call, was that fear was creeping into my progress. And surprisingly it was not the fear of failure. The fear which was attempting to steal my joy and my progress within building my businesses, was the fear of success. I found that I was not doubting myself or my capabilities, but whether or not I was truly ready to receive.  I was experiencing the what if’s of my life and my businesses. What if my business takes off and blow up? What if I am not ready to receive? What happens when the lifestyle that I live changes to the lifestyle that I have dreamed of all my life? Am I ready?  Because I know without a doubt that I am on the verge of my breakthrough.

As I sat in my SUV, I found myself taking my sisters advice and literally began to look into the Mirror, my rear view Mirror at that. What I found was the importance of stepping back and taking inventory of my life, my dreams and my future that awaits my presence.  When was the last time you took a good look at the person in your Mirror? Do you like what you see? Do see the person you want to be or do you see the person you aspire to be? Well Try it! What are you waiting for? Take a good look at yourself and allow yourself to see what may be holding you back in following your dreams or aspirations.

What I found was refreshing and it rejuvenated my mind, body and soul. I am working diligently on my businesses and I am investing in myself in ways that I have never done before! And the most important thing that I know is that according to Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you a HOPE and a FUTURE.” Yes, God has a plan for you and I to utilize our talents and skills which he has equipped us with, but if we allow fear, procrastination and doubt into our plans, it’s a chance that we will never reach our God given potential. We have to recognize our value and our worth in life and business.

Here are 5 Values I rediscovered of myself as I looked at the woman in my Mirror.

(1) I PLAN for my future which gives me a roadmap to reaching new milestones and  to identify my progress in life and business along the way.

(2) I SET GOALS so that I will have something to aim for.

(3) I MOTIVATE others through acknowledging their work, accomplishments and efforts.  I have the gift of complementing and praising others.

(4) I INSPIRE others, God has allowed me to overcome many hurdles in life to share with others, to give them hope and trust in the process.

(5) I LEAD by example which encourages me to do the right thing in life and business which builds upon my character.

(6) I EMPOWER others though tools, resources, mentoring, coaching and the ability to be transparent in sharing my life’s story to help others overcome, breakthrough and get back on track after life changing events.

These are important aspects of my life which has made me the person and business woman I am today.  I am determined to not allow doubt, fear of failure or fear of success block what my future holds for me.

I challenge you to take a look in your MIRROR and rediscover your true values.  What you find may reignite the fire within and remind you of your self value and self worth, when you are in doubt of executing your plans to reach your goals in life and/or business.









It was just a little, itty, bitty, lump, bump or some type of thing.

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As I sat around thinking about all the Pink activities that will take place over the next 31 days, I glanced at a piece of artwork that my son had designed for my “Wrappednpink Breast Cancer Awareness Organization.”  The drawing was a lady dancing to sweet silent melodies within a world of pink ribbons.

It seems just like yesterday, that I began to dance to that same silent tune.  But it wasn’t, it was over 28 years ago and I was just  23 years old and a mother of three. I had discovered a little, itty, bitty, bump, lump or some type of thing on my upper left breast which caused lots of fear and confusion for me.  I scheduled a visit with my doctor but, after he suggested that I return to his office for some tests involving needles, I decided not to seek any other medical attention and left the doctor’s office hoping the bump would just go away on its own.  But, it didn’t and I left from that office with a story to tell.

After a year of staying away from my doctor, my mother saw the bump and made me set an appointment to see him. He asked me so many questions about my health and why I had waited so long to return. Truthfully, I admitted that I was afraid and lacked the faith and hope to see me through.  As my doctor continued to ask questions and portray somber gestures upon his face, I knew something was wrong. That little, itty, bitty bump, was now a full size lump. But, I wouldn’t have imagined in a million years that my doc would tell me that I had breast cancer.  Not only was I informed of this horrible news, but I was also told that he did not expect me to survive a year.

This news was more than I could bare, it was one of the most life draining days of my life.  I cried, I thought about the possibilities of being sick, losing my hair and my breast, but most of all I thought about if I would die.  I was afraid and scared out of my mind.  I thought about leaving my children behind and how my mom’s heart would not be able to take the pain of losing her daughter.  I didn’t know what to do and yet again I had to make some big decisions on which treatments, surgeries and options I would chose. I was only 23 years old and I had put myself in a position to have to make life or death decisions.

That experience caused me to dig deeper in my Faith and Trust in God with all of my heart and soul.  I prayed and left that big enormous problem in the hands of God and believed without a doubt, that I was healed and that God had given me a second chance at life.  Because of my mindset to believe and have faith in God and the medical team which He placed in my life, I believe without a doubt that I am here today to help others in life. Over the past 28 years of my life, I developed strategic plans and goals by the Grace of God to make it through.  But, I knew that I had work to do and that God wanted to use me in many ways to help others create their ideal lives beyond their struggles.

I have been gifted with the ability to listen, care, motivate, inspire, empower and guide.  Today, I have taken what some would call the “Death Sentence” and turned it into a passion to to help other women and men live beyond their fear of whatever it may be; health, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, lack of determination…etc.

I am thankful.  I am a published author/creative writer, speaker and life coach seeking to fulfill my purpose in life as I journey through a world of hopeful possibilities.






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