In Pursuit of a Little Black Girl’s Dream

photo_0027As I wrapped up an amazing and Empowering weekend in Atlanta, I thought about all the beautiful African American women who had filled the conference rooms with the commitment and pursuit of living their ideal lives. The 3 day event left me excited, Empowered and motivated to continue my pursuit of my life long dreams.

On my way home, I had plenty of time to sit back on the train and reflect on all that had taken place over the past few days. There were relationships being built amongst the women, great food, dancing, business training and most of all, having the opportunity to embrace a community that was built for HBW (The Happy Black Woman Community.) This event had provoked my inner thoughts as to what had guided me over the years of my life to land in such a happy business building community with other like minded women. A community of black women helping and supporting one another as we each build our businesses with a strong and bold foundation.

As I dazed out the window, watching the trees blowing in dancing circular motions while the birds flew close to the heavens above, I thought of my mom, Momma Ruth (R.I.P.) My mother was far most the biggest fan I had in this game called life. It didn’t matter how many businesses I would start or what type of job I would work, she always made me feel as though I was the best person to take on the task. But, she didn’t just make me feel that way, she also made each one of my brothers, sisters and her grandchildren feel the same. I tell you, if there were ever a need of some good loving support, my momma was the one to give it to you. She would always say “Go for it, you can do it!” That was just the type of person she was, loving, caring and supportive.

I remember back in the 60’s when I was about 5 or 6 years old, my mom and I were watching a black and white movie or tv show and the men were all dressed in their nicely pressed business suits and carrying their brief cases in one hand and a newspaper in the other as they walked into 12 story buildings to begin their work day. The men looked important to me, they appeared to have had something special going on which separated them from the crowd. They were happy going into the buildings and at the end of the week they were smiling as they went into a bank and handed the worker a check (now knowing what the piece of paper was) and walked out with a handful of money. I questioned my mom about those men and she explained that they were businessmen, they worked for themselves and made lots of money.

I remembered being in aw and turned to my mom and said, “I want to be one of them and a teacher when I grow up so that I may become rich and take care of you, giving you anything you want!” Although, I don’t remember much more of that conversation with my mom, I remember that much of it, as though the conversation took place yesterday. The thought of owning my own for-profit business reaches back to when I was just about 5 or 6 years old and has not left me yet.

All through my life, I have traveled the roads of self and business discovery. It was and is in my blood to own my own for-profit business, it is in my blood to live my ideal life and to reach out and Empower my family and others who may be struggling in the pursuit of their dreams, As I went from working labored jobs, to jobs most people would not even apply for, to earning a earnest and sometimes decent living in the world of customer service and sales, I unknowingly landed in the field of which God had prepared for me. Some may call it sales, but I just call it a prime-time producer. As I think about it and take it all in, it has been without a doubt that in the majority of my business and job opportunities, I have always been a top producer. I have been a sales manager as well as the salesperson and no matter which end I have served, management has always said, “they wished there were a hundred of me on their team.”

Over the years, the thought has crossed my mind as to what if I could produce a hundred or even thousands of like minded sales leaders or sales people like myself for businesses that were struggling to bring in revenue and clients for their business. What if I could Empower, Inspire and Engage sales leaders/managers to Empower, Inspire and Engage their sales teams to become top producing agents and regain the passion which they once had for their careers? With my sales skills, experience and education, I know that I can Empower sales managers/sales people to become and thrive as top producers within their organizations. Using my experience of over 27 years + in sales, customer service and sales management, with proven results of being a top producer has helped me capture the essence of taking my dream to reality.

Here are 3 things are very important to being a Top Producer:

1) Empowering others/self with tools and resources to grow and prosper.
2) Inspiring others through your story, showing them that they also have the resilience for a comeback.
3) Engaging others to participate and communicate within the business which they belong.

I am blessed to have discovered my way into my own world of opportunities and possibilities. I am committed to taking action to build an empire and a legacy for my family. I will never give up and I will always stay determined, persistent and faithful to the path which God has prepared for me. I will not allow the fear of failure nor the fear of success hinder my blessings of building my business which will someday allow me to reach out and Empower others through my journey.

The thought of owning my own business reaches back to when I was just about 5 or 6 years old and it has not left me yet. I am eager and open to my world of possibilities and I will never quit pursuing and capturing that dream of a Little Black Girl.

There are many challenges to starting your own business, yet the end results will be worth the sacrifices and sweat. I am beginning the journey of training to launch my business within the next 2-3 months and I could use your support. You can help me by donating today, no amount is too small or too large. I thank you with all of my heart.

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